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Legal and Immigration

The United Community Center (UCC) program has accredited representatives who assist immigrants in the process of filling out USCIS forms, with applicable exceptions. In addition, we have an experienced immigration attorney who provides legal consultation and represents immigrants in more complex cases. We are committed to protecting and supporting immigrants, ensuring that they have access to reliable legal services and preventing them from falling victim to unlicensed scam artists.

Our program has accredited representatives who are trained to assist immigrants in the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) form filling process. These representatives are knowledgeable of immigration laws and regulations and are qualified to provide reliable and accurate assistance in filling out the required forms. However, it is important to mention that some exceptions may apply, and in those cases we recommend consulting with our immigration attorney.

In addition, the UCC has an experienced immigration attorney on staff. This attorney is available to offer legal consultations to immigrants, providing them with legal guidance and advice about their rights and options in the immigration system.

Many immigrants are at risk of being deceived and robbed by dishonest notaries or unlicensed individuals who mislead them, causing serious legal problems. Our program collaborates with accredited representatives who assist in the process of filling out all the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) forms (some exceptions apply).

Our experienced in-house immigration attorney provides legal consultations and representation when necessary.



If necessary, the attorney can represent immigrants in more complex cases, providing professional legal assistance and advocacy in immigration-related legal proceedings. The presence of an immigration attorney in our program offers an additional layer of protection and security for immigrants who may face legal challenges and complexities in their immigration process. We ensure that immigrants have access to reliable and quality legal services, thus avoiding the risk of being victims of fraud or deception by unscrupulous individuals.


We help with the following application forms



Certificate of Citizenship


Adjustment of Status


DACA application and assistance

Family Petitions 


Consular processes


U Visa/T Visa and VAWA 


Permanent Residence

Work Authorization






601 Waivers